LORAC GLOgetter Palette

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Normally I don't post reviews of products as soon as I get them but since I was so impressed with this palette and I've heard that it's become hard to find, I thought swatches would be helpful for those who might want to hunt the LORAC GLOgetter Palette down.

There are ten summery shades in this palette. One matte, two satin shades, two frosts and the rest fall in the range between satin-y and shimmery.
Swatched on bare skin. From left to right, the colors are: satin sand, matte warm brown, shimmery dark peach, light shimmery orange, shimmery light teal, frosty light beige, shimmery ultramarine, shimmery mauve, a duochrome light teal/light yellow gold, a plummy satin with blue interference.

The textures are really great, silky and buttery. The colors are really interesting and perfect for warm weather. I also love that this palette is not overly warm like some LORAC palettes. Now THIS is the LORAC quality I fell in love with years ago! The pigmentation is also quite good, with the exception of the deep ultramarine shade (pigmentation isn't bad, just ok). The pans are also quite large, especially the highlight shades which are bigger than the rest of the shades.

The best part is that this palette is $20 (an Ulta exclusive). The packaging has both pros and cons for me. On one hand, I think LORAC is able to sell this palette at such a low cost because unlike other LORAC palettes, the packaging isn't super fancy. It's just plain, sturdy plastic. There also isn't a brush included (a plus for me, I abhor palettes that have a slot for a usually useless brush or sponge tipped applicator) or a mini Behind The Scenes Eye Primer included like quite a few other LORAC palettes. I also think that the construction isn't quite top notch because one of the pans in my palette was already wiggling loose when I first opened it. A couple drops of superglue fixed that, but I wanted you to be aware of it.

I think that this palette is already quite popular in a lot of areas. I was talking to a traveling brand promoter at Ulta yesterday and she told me that she had almost missed out on this palette because of the seven stores in my area, only one store had it left in stock. So if you see the LORAC GLOgetter palette, definitely snag one for yourself (and maybe a friend!).

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