Mundane Mondays, Vol. IX: Engaged!

Monday, June 10, 2013

So I have some pretty exciting personal news, which you might have seen if you follow me on Instagram. Morgan and I are now "officially" engaged!

I used quotations because we've pretty much spent the last six months just waiting on my ring to be made for it to all proper and what not. I don't have a romantic proposal because well, there wasn't one. Altogether, it was definitely more of a pragmatic event than romantic (also Morgan's ability to keep secrets is... hilariously non existent). I went ahead with plans for a courthouse wedding in the mean time because I had no idea when the ring would finally be done.

It was kinda nuts, we bought the stone separately in November. We both really love antique cuts (ones that were used pre-1920s when the mathematically modern cuts were derived), at first I was set on an Old Mine Cut but I'm color sensitive and a little picky about quality, so we didn't end up finding an OMC with the right speccs or dimensions (and more importantly, cost!) for us. I did get an Old European Cut (the precursor to today's modern brilliant cut) though, which I really love because I am head over heals with chunky facets, it has the perfect size culet, and if I stare really hard at it I can see the kozibe effect.

Originally I had a custom ring in the works from Tacori but my experience was not a happy one. Both times our CAD renderings came back vastly different from what we wanted (and I had a specific list, not like I was vague). Basically I would recommend that if anyone is looking for a custom ring to use a local customer jeweler. Though Tacori does fantastic details, they do not communicate directly with the customer so communication (which is always key!) can get warbled when you have to talk to the jeweler who then talks to the Tacori designers.

I did get a Tacori setting though, the HT2299! I love the basket that looks like a crown from the side. I toyed with the idea of getting a ring with a halo because I love how they look on others, but in the end I went with something a touch more subtle. I loved that this setting had a "bloom" or "blossom" (have heard it called both) where the side diamonds in the basket are set a little lower and in my case, at a slight angle so that when viewed from the top it looks like a delicate, partial halo. My wedding band doesn't really match, since I probably won't wear the two together all that often after we're married. I'll wear this ring most of the time, my band by itself when we're camping or on our frequent mini trips. I'm thinking about buying a moissanite three stone set to wear as my "body double" for when and if we go overseas on vacation.

I'm excited to marry my best friend. This sounds weird, but my excitement isn't new. I always wanted to marry Morgan since the first time I saw him smile (and every smile since). My best friend, my closest confidante, my biggest supporter and at the same time, the one person who always challenges me constantly be a better me.

Anyways, I'm back from my beach trip now, so more regular posts in the future!

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