Color Club Cotton Candy Gradient

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hi folks!
Today's nails are a soft gradient using shades I was recently sent from Color Club. This manicure really reminds me of a mixed bag of cotton candy.

I used Evolution as the base color (the light blue) with Flamingo (hot pink) near the tips. I then added two coats of Pearl-spective over the whole manicure. Pearl-spective is a effect topcoat, it has all these little iridescent pink flecks that look almost yellow from some angles. I think that's why Evolution looks a bit teal almost.

Funny story about cotton candy, actually. Last fall when I still lived in MN, my dad came home unexpectedly with an industrial cotton candy machine. You know, the kind they have at carnivals and fairs (not the dinky As Seen On TV one). It was so big that he could barely get it into the house, my brother had to help him tilt it sideways.

It was COMPLETELY weird behavior for my dad. He doesn't like sweets at all. When I called my sister to hurry home and see the bizarre sight of our dad spinning tons of hot fluffy cotton candy, I had to repeat the message three times because she couldn't comprehend what I was seeing. It was just all around... odd.

Anyways! Have you done any manicures (or makeup looks) that reminded you of food lately?

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