Hakuhodo J125R Duo Fibre Review

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hello friends,

I haven't been able to post as much as I would like lately, I'm afraid my health hasn't been super cooperative. I miss blogging and putting on makeup! Anyways, tonight I'd like to review a newly acquired brush, Hakuhodo J125R Duo Fibre Eye Shadow Brush Round & Angled.

This brush is made from longer synthetic bristles that are super soft and white goat hair. The white on white bristles can make the duo fibre arrangement harder to see. I like that the synthetic hairs aren't pokey in the least bit, unlike my only other small duo fibre brush, the Laura Mercier Finishing Eye Brush . At the longest, the outer hairs are 13.5mm.

Since I don't use creme products on my eye all to often, I decided to use this brush for under the eye concealer, my previous brush of choice had been the J214. However I always want to use my J214 for contouring so I was happy to free up that brush from concealer.


The soft little brushes works magnificently to gently pat and stipple concealer without disrupting the sensitive eye area. I use it with a super emollient product and I appreciate the delicate finish.

The Hakuhodo J215R is $27 and can be purchased through HakuhodoUSA.

What do you use to apply under eye concealer?

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