Mundane Mondays, Vol. XVI: Why Yes, I Realize That It Is Tuesday

Tuesday, March 18, 2014
 I didn't have this post ready yesterday, but I thought I'd throw it up today rather than wait a whole extra week. My health hasn't been very great lately, so I'm not exactly leading a thrilling life... but there are cats and food.

Above: my take on corned beef hash. I adore corned beef like you would not believe, but since it is so very high in sodium, it's a rare indulgence. I actually love left over corned beef hash more than fresh simmered corned beef and cabbage! Since I don't really eat starchy foods any more, I used carrots instead of potatoes. The slight sweetness was different, but enjoyable.

 While returning home from our first beach getaway of the season, we stumbled on this isolated gas station with fun HTF chocolates. I hadn't had a Cadbury Flake before (or Twirl, but turns out they are very nearly the same thing, Twirl is just easier to eat) and after having one... yeah, I didn't think it tasted very good. It reminded me of dried out chocolate curls.

Have some cat pictures:

 Widget has started to perch on the back of computer chairs. This was a mid sneeze photo. You should have seen how terrified he looked after his sneeze, he dug his claws into the chair, thinking he was about to fall off!

 Unwilling cuddle companions make the best pillows.

 Gallifrey is in the back, just licking her unmentionables. No big deal.

 I've been sick lately, so my go to has been ramen and kale smoothies. I'm not proud of ramen, but at least I'm dressing it up, right? Bok choy, pork meat balls, kimchi seasoned carrots and my sea crack- er, fake crab.

I love making meringues, just so I can flick those peaks at the end. I made this Meyer lemon meringue with graham cracker crust because regular pie crust is not my thing. It was so good but unfortunately not a super stable dessert- the graham crust became wet very quickly.

Anyways, that's pretty much been my life for the last few weeks. Not terribly exciting, I'm afraid!

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