Review: Giorgio Armani Large Eye Contour Brush #22

Sunday, March 23, 2014

 Good evening!

I purchased Giorgio Armani Large Eye Contour Brush some time ago, last summer. It's definitely an interesting brush due to its versatility. The handle is a shorter but not annoyingly short to me like travel brushes are. I also like the aesthetic of the matte handle and the longer black ferrule.

 You can see the interesting coloration of the bristles, which reveal the bristles to be pine squirrel I believe, though the GA website does not state what sort of bristles are used. The hairs are very soft and quite dense. They are stiff enough to pat on color with either the sides of the brush or deposit color with the tip, yet supple enough to blend color.

 While it is very similar to Hakuhodo G5522BkSL in shape, it is more dense. It's a bit larger in size compared to my eye area so while it is great for diffusing a large area, it's not great for precise blending. You know the the days where you throw on a wash of color, maybe deepen the crease with a neutral color? It's great for that.

Here I used just #22 to blend the brown in the outer V and to apply the lid color itself (Dior Nude Look Duo). 

Giorgio Armani Large Eye Contour Brush #22 is pricey, I won't lie to you. At $41, I won't pretend that it is an absolute need in anyone's brush arsenal. I am mightly pleased to have it though! It can be purchased directly from Giorgio Armani USA or from stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue (free shipping with the code "FREESHIP"). 

What is your favorite tapered blending brush?

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