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Friday, April 23, 2010
Here's a few of the Formspring questions I've had lately:

Hi there yr makeup tutorials is awesome! recently i saw yr tutorial on highlighting yr face. Which highlighting cream u use?Pls share! Thanks!

Thanks! I appreciate it!
I use Boots No 7 High Lights Illuminating Lotion (which is a dupe for BeneFit High Beam) and also Wet'n'Wild Acapulco Glow Bronzzer (which was sadly discontinued)

What's the number one thing every woman should do everyday, that won't take a lot of time, to make her look fresh? 

I think highlighting is the greatest thing in the world to add extra 'oomph' to any look. I think there's a highlighter out there for every age- whether it be a satiny sheen or glowy shimmer.
I actually have a video on this :)

Are you team edward or team jacob? lol I had to ask! You know my answer!

Team Edward. Hands down. I mean seriously. I mean, a big hairy dog is nice to cuddle and all, but I wouldn't want to marry a werewolf.
I would elaborate on this answer, but I don't want to reveal how emotionally invested I am on Twilight.

Hi, I have Lorac Reverie and Mac Prepped for Glamour. I think they look exactly the same but your swatches make Prepped for Glamour look darker. I'm thinking of returning the Mac one since I can't tell the difference. Any thoughts on the 2 colors?

Hey there, thanks for the question!
You're absolutely right, in the pan the two eyeshadows look identical. When swatched though, they look slightly different in natural lighting. I find that Reverie is a bit warmer and more bronze while Prepped for Glamour is slightly cooler and has a tinge of burnt sienna. Here's a pic of them side by side:
If you can't tell the difference (I can't either in artificial lighting) I would definitely return it! Might as well exchange for a completely different and unique color, right?

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  1. Ahhh. I'm team Jacob. That's it we're not friends anymore. :o) LOL :p
    Just Kidding. :o) Feel better, heard you were sick. :o)


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