MAC Prepped for Glamour & Smashbox Haul

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last Sunday, I dragged poor Mr. MakeupWithdrawal to the closest Nordstrom Rack, hoping to score some R&R makeup which was recently dropped by Nordstrom. No such luck- I had really wanted some of the blushes too! However, I did get some older Smashbox collections-Muse Masterpiece and Green Room. I paid about $40 total for both these sets, pretty awesome deal!

One another note, I'm proud of myself for resisting the allure of new MAC collections- I've only purchased a total of three things from MAC this year- Prepped for Glamour eyeshadow being the most recent. This shadow came out a week ago as a part of the Prepped for Colour mini collection- the two other shadows were Hey (Warm mid-tone beige (Veluxe Pearl) ) and Sorcery (Reddish mid-tone brown (Satin)). I'll do swatches of it tomorrow when hopefully the sun comes out again.

All products featured were purchased by me, for my own use.

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