New Video + Somewhat Unrelated Chit Chat

Wednesday, April 7, 2010
First, the interesting part- new video about awesome cheap finds. 

Now, the self observation remarks:
Man, what the heck is going on with my eyebrows? Looking at it from that perspective really helps me realize how uneven they are. One is arched, the other is merely curved, like a caterpillar curling up in the warm sun. One is also closer to the center of my face than the other. I think years of just plucking the strays has slowly shifted the brows into looking like they belong on two separate people. I really need to get to a salon and get that fixed. Oh wait that's right, I absolutely hate people touching my face.  This weekend, I will interrogate Mr. MakeupWithdrawal as to why he's never told my that my face is unsymmetrical. Picture a dingy concrete holding cell, with only a single lit light bulb hanging from the ceiling. 
"Why on earth haven't you ever told me that my face is uneven?"
"Never noticed, can I go back to my video game now- or are we going somewhere with these handcuffs?"
Oh yeah. Males never seem to notice this stuff. 

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