Giveaway contest + FOTD Calendar

Thursday, April 22, 2010
First I wanted to post about an awesome giveaway contest:
Pieces of Katie-Jane has an awesome giveaway, the prize includes:
-OPI Alice In Wonderland Nail Polish Collection
-Lush Yummu Yummu Yummy Shower Cream Wash
-Cute Handmade Flower Brooch
-Strawberry Cupcake BathBomb
-Two Barry M Lipglosses in No's. 1 & 4

Also, I wanted to share my FOTD Calendar for the remainder of the month. I made it for one person in particular but realize, heck why not share my goofy calendar with everyone? Each day even has a visual aid! I'll make sure there's a permanent link on the left hand side of the page too. Alas, my eye is still healing, so I won't be able to partake in doing FOTDs for another few days. I'd love to see pictures of the inspired looks.
Here's the link: 
Hope it interests you!

<3, M

image courtesy of WeHeartIt

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