Some Too Faced Swatches

Saturday, April 3, 2010
More swatches from the amazing and dedicated AlexisAdella. These are some of the Too Faced duos and singles that she has. Now, I could post all of AA's swatches in one gigantic post, but that'd be no fun. I'd much rather dangle these swatches in front of your face, and make you dance for it. I'm only doling out a little bit at a time.

Pearl Necklace is a very shimmery white.
Vixen is a dark navy, also shimmer.
Jealous? (the name actually has that question mark) is a mermaid green, very shimmery

Shamrock Chic - shimmery copper with copper glitter and shimmery cool mint green with small blue glitter
GI Jane - shimmery dark olive green and shimmery pale gold
Cocoa Lilly - shimmer cocoa and shimmery medium cool pink

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