Too Faced Shadow Insurance Fling

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dear Urban Decay Primer Potion,
Last week after our fight, I did a horrible thing. I felt like you left me no choice after I cut you in half and discovered that you had been holding back on me. Yes, I saw you there, with more than half of you left in the crevices of your strangely designed packaging.
I strayed. I left you for another primer. I went out hoping that I could do better than you. I went to Sephora, hoping to pick up something that would replace you and I'd heard that Too Faced Shadow Insurance could do what you do, no strings attached. From a distance, I admired the sleek tube that TFSI came in, so different from your lavender curves.  
I eagerly brought TFSI home. I immediately took a liking to the way TFSI could squirt out a little product, instead of the way you brazenly show your wand and dip into the primer all at once. The whole time I used TFSI, I thought about your puzzling doe-footed applicator and how unhygienic it was. But the moment I caressed TFSI, I knew something was wrong. It was so thin and though I was used to the slippery feel of silicones, the formula felt rather greasy. It disappeared into my skin at once, where as you were thicker and helped even out the color of my lids. You both dry just as quickly. I tried both shimmery and matte colors (yes, I used the same eye shadows that the two of us used together) and found that for the most part, you worked the same way. But because I like to be ridiculously thorough, I tested the two of you side by side with shimmer and matte eyeshadow. Though nearly identical, I found that TFSI made colors true to what they looked like in the pan, you made matte colors slightly richer and the shimmer in sparkly colors pop out a tiny bit more.  
Basically, what I'm saying is this: if you're willing, I'd like to get back together. No, I beg you to take me back. I would say that my eyelids are pretty average, neither oily nor dry but I really do believe that you are better. In fact, if you're willing to forgive this horrible breach of trust, I'll return Too Faced Shadow Insurance back at to Sephora at once. I'll learn to accept your wasteful and inconvenient packaging- after all what matters is on the inside. 


All products shown were purchased by me, for my own use. 


  1. I love UDPP, but after cutting open the bottle and finding sooo much, I knew I could never use it again, and just throw it away after... so I started using TFSI, and I keep telling myself I won't go back til they change their packaging. I remember years ago it said on their site that the inside of the bottle was *not* shaped like the outside. What a crock. I just hate the extra work. <----Iz lazy. :o)

  2. I actually have both primers, and I find myself reaching for the UDPP more often. However, I don't put the doe foot directly on the eye. I swipe a proper amount onto my freshly washed hand (or finger), then apply from that small amount to my eyelid. Seems to give me more control as well.

    I haven't tried the LORAC primer yet. I bought it, but I don't feel comfortable opening it until I use up my other ones.

    I'm dreading having to cut my's getting close to that time.

  3. @AA
    I'm pretty lazy about that too! But luckily, UDPP lasts such a long time that I only have to do it about twice a year.
    I don't think I've ever made skin contact with the foot of the UDPP, I always apply it to a mixing palette first. I'm anal about hygiene :(


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