How much longer? (LORAC swatches)

Sunday, February 7, 2010
I know, I know- I haven't even been on a no-buy for two weeks, but it's becoming increasingly difficult. Luckily for me, packages that I paid for at the end of January are finally arriving, so it's like getting mini presents every few days.
What first to talk about?
Oh! That LORAC set I ordered a couple of weeks ago. It's spectacular, and the best $20 I ever spent on 7 items. I'm really trying to move away from buying lots of low end drugstore items and only being satisfied with 1/2, and instead selectively buying more middle end to high end stuff. Now, LORAC makes a lot of really great cosmetics, and this New Year's Neutrals set is no exception. I got 7 products- 1 lipstick, 1 lipgloss, 1 cheek stamp (blush) and 4 eye shadows. Including shipping- that ends up being under $4 per item (if that's not great value, than what is?). Here's the swatches:

I love Cocoa, it's a very great all over the lid shade. Beige is matte and really blends into my skin so it barely shows up, but because it's so good quality- it makes a great base (unlike Revlon Matte Peach Sorbet, same color, terrible quality). Cappuccino is a very nice milk chocolate color, mostly matte with the tiniest hint of shimmer (not noticeable). Mesmerize looks great swatched, but I find it looks a little orange on my face, might have to give it to someone who looks good in warm shades. 
The lipstick is amazing, a great creamy consistency and pretty long lasting. At first, I thought the color was a bit too 'old' for me, but with the Peach Passion lipstick on top, it's not that odd of a look. The lipgloss, oh my! It's SINFULLY delicious smelling. If I close my eyes, I could swear that I was sniffing an artfully mixed cocktail with pineapple and hints of peach and mango. Too bad it isn't flavored (or perhaps it's a good thing, because I'd eat it). I will say that my pictures makes it look a bit glittery, when in fact it is very sweet looking peach shimmer. The cheek stamp, now that needs further explanation. It's the same kind of packaging as The Body
Shop's Kiss of Color blushes. The sponge applicator rests on the blush when it's closed. That's a big no-no for me. Why would you ever want something that comes into contact with your cheeks (oil, skin cells and grime there!) resting on your blush cake? That's how that layer of hard oily residue ends up on cakes, from the oils on your skin! I also think that it wastes a lot of blush- because if you use the applicator alone, you end up with clown cheeks. Using a separate blush brush is ideal, but if you have to use another brush, what's the point of the applicator?  However, the color of the blush itself is quite nice, just as the name implies, a nice golden peachy color without any shimmer or glitter. 
Overall, it's such a lovely set of products. I really am starting to want more and more LORAC make up, but it'll have to wait till next month. 

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