MAC 2010 Summer Collection: To the Beach (Pt. 2)

Thursday, February 25, 2010
So here's Part 2 of this new collection- some of this stuff is less appealing to me than others. 

Nail Lacquer 

  • In the Buff: Muted Taupe Avocado (Cream)
  • Scorcher: Creamy Bright Coral Red (Cream)
Skipping. I never buy MAC nail polishes.

To the Beach Bag

Cute, but it's $49.50 USD and looks like the rope handle would get dirty easily. Probably not for toting my beach gear to and from the shore. 

Cream Bronzer

  • Beach Bronze: Golden Glow with Soft Gold Finish
  • Weekend: Mid-Tone Deep Orange Brown with Soft Pink Pearl
I have a deep rooted belief that I just don't look good bronzed. In my head, I know I should skip these, but the descriptions make me wonder... maybe it's possible? After all, I've never tried cream bronzer.

Bronzing Powder

  • Golden: Muted Golden Tan-Beige with Golden Shimmer
  • Refined Golden: Finely Spun Golden with Soft Pearl Finish


Lustre Drops

  • Pink Rebel: Blue Pink with Gold Pearl
  • Sun Rush: Peachy Bronze with Gold Pearl
I really want these!- none of my liquid highlighters have gold pearl, only pink. If I had to limit my choices, I'd get Sun Rush. I can't wait to try a drop of it in my foundation and body lotion, I bet I'd get a nice glow!

Bronze Body Oil

  • Glowing Tan with multidimensional Golden Shimmer

Does this remind anyone else of a body oil that Victoria's Secret used to carry? (Not sure if they do anymore). I think I still have a bottle lying around, because I never finished it. 

Who else is anxiously counting down the days 'till this is released?

Here's Part 1, in case you missed it. 

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