Rock & Republic Green Shadows

Tuesday, December 28, 2010
I've been on such a green shadow kick lately, it's crazy. Here's a few of my favorites- the ones from Rock & Republic.
The formula of these shadows are fantastic, almost creamy. The pigmentation, as I've happily reported before, is out of this world when used over primer. The colors look so vivid!

Direct sunlight, no flash
Chronic is a more olivey, khaki green with shimmer.
Envy is a shimmery dark forest green. (My favorite!) It's such an intense color, I really love it on my eyes.
Jaded is a seafoam green shimmer. It definitely has more blue and more pastel than the other two. This one looks kinda weird on me, but does alright when blended with a true blue.

Do you have any of these greens? Do you own any that look like them?

Products were given to me as a gift.

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