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Friday, April 6, 2012

Good evening!

This is a manicure that I wore yesterday. I recently purchased a fauxnad plate from Born Pretty Store that is a knock off of the Konad M78 plate. It's not too bad, but I feel like the fauxnad image is more more curvy than the real one.
When I saw this design, I really wanted it because it made me think of one of my favorite desserts.
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A Napoleon, as we called it in Philadelphia diners.
Morgan and I had a disagreement over it. He and his Australian relatives call it a vanilla slice. I did some googling and it's also called:
-custard slice
-gâteaux Napoléon
He tries to correct me whenever I call it a Napoleon, and I adamantly tell him he's wrong when he calls it a vanilla slice.
What ever you call this delicious pastry concoction of puff pastry, layered with pastry cream and topped with chocolate and white icing, it's delicious. And now I want some.

I used my white franken for the base, and since I don't own a proper brown polish (I need to fix this!), I stamped with a mixture of an Art Club brown stripper and Wet'n'Wild Black Creme.

Have a great night, and a fabulous weekend!

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