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Friday, August 2, 2013
Hi folks!

I wanted to share with you my first water decal manicure. I was sent these stickers from Born Pretty Store, the ultimate nail art online store. I'm not sure why I picked these, but the traditional female figures just really appealed to me.

The stickers were very straight forward and easy to use, you just apply them on top of a regular polish. Cut them out, dip them in water for about 20 seconds and apply it to your nail like a temporary tattoo. You can even sort of move it around your nail a bit, which makes placement pretty easy. To clean up, the nail decal dissolves in acetone so you can just clean up with a brush like any regular manicure. Wait for the sticker to dry completely (or use a blow dryer) and apply topcoat.

 The figure on my index finger had a big of a face disfiguring accident. Not sure how that happened, to be honest. My base color here is ibd Cashmere Blush.
 I really like these stickers because they mean I can have awesome nail art on both hands, not just my non-dominant. They're really cheap too, starting at around just a dollar and a half for some designs.
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Have you tried any water decal manicures yet? How did it turn out?

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