New Wet'n'Wild Tough Girl LE Coloricon Trios

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hi folks!

You know me, I hate doing impression posts before I get a chance to really test out a product but since Wet'n'Wild's distribution is a bit unpredictable and these trios are limited edition, I figured it would help to show you swatches and comparisons sooner rather than later. In general, I find the Coloricon products to be quite laudable, so I don't feel all that bad for doing a write up so soon. All my swatches are done over bare skin.

 Enlisting for Beauty. Three neutral shades. The first two are completely matte, the right hand tan shade has a tiny bit of shimmer that is barely discernible, but pretty much looks satin. The tan shade also looks less yellow, more taupe-y in real life. Good pigmentation on all three shades.

 Zero Dark Flirty. A satin lilac, a near matte aubergine and a matte medium purple. The pigmentation on the first two shades are great, the last shade is quite lacking.

 Soldiers in Charms. All around good pigmentation on this trio. A light green yellow shimmer, a blackened olive sparkle and BEHOLD- a drug store rarity- a khaki matte! I think this trio is worth getting just for that khaki alone.
So you might be wondering how these shades compare to existing palettes or previous palettes. I've got you covered! Here's what they look like compared to their closest shades. Note: The Drinking A Glass of Shine Palette was also called IMatte.
 Other than the crease colors in comfort zone being almost full on dupes (since one is only a tinge warmer than the other, I feel comfortable attributing this to batch differences and just calling it a dupe), none of the other colors are dupes. They are similar in a lot of ways but some are definitely cooler or warmer than the previous shades.

Formula wise, it varied a bit. The shades with the great pigmentation were buttery, soft, silky. The ones with less than ideal pigmentation tended to also be powdery and dry. At $2.99 I find these trios to be worth picking up because I think some of the shades are really different from your typical drugstore fare. I'm not sure why I picked up Enlisting for Beauty because I need more neutrals like a dog needs fleas. All in the name of swatching, right?

Are you planning to get any of these trios or the other ones that I didn't happen to get?

Products featured were purchased by me, for my own use. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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