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Monday, August 26, 2013

So far I've been posting pictures from my huge backlog but today I thought I'd show you growing little nubs. I'm pretty lucky in that my nails have always grown really fast (but not always strong growth, unfortunately!), maybe 0.75 to 1.50 mm a week depending on my diet, stress, etc.

 Kate is a surprise favorite of mine. The tiniest coppery brown, green and teal glitter mix, super dense. I'm wearing just two coats by itself (and a dab extra on my pinky).  I tried to take pictures outdoors under the sun so you could see the way the light plays off of these dazzling little particles but alas, it was just TOO sparkly.

Also, working on a new temporary hand pose (trying to channel one of my idols, Sam of Fashion Polish! Don't know how she does it, this still isn't like hers and it is hard.) because my shorter nails looked odd with my regular hand pose.

Katie applied easily like the other Shimmer Polishes that I've reviewed so far; smooth and drying relatively flat. Only one coat of topcoat on top.

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