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Saturday, September 21, 2013
Hi folks! I have a super long post for you today. I decided to combine both Different Dimension Fall Collection and Halloween Collection into one because they release tomorrow so I wanted you to see swatches! Both of these collections are just absolutely amazing. I love every single shade, and that's pretty rare.

Let's start off with the Fall 2013, shown above. Note: shown are the smaller press samples sizes, full sized bottles are larger. I'm holding an empty bottle of top coat because my fingers are awkward and I'm easier at holding larger bottles.

Fall 2013 contains four holographic shades and four glitters, two of which are toppers.

 Lucky. A bright magenta linear holo, three coats. Super strong holo effect, super intense and pretty color.

Dueling Unicorns. Violet linear holo, three coats. Strong rainbow effect.

Nessie's Revenge. A grass green holo, three coats. This might just be the most perfect green holo ever. The rainbow effect is so strong and so linear and the shade of green is quite unique.

Chocolaté. A gorgeous rich brown linear holo, three coats. More metallic looking than the other holos, a bit more scattered as well. A really sumptuous color! I'm kinda obsessed with brown holos right now.

Lucid Dreams. A soft eggshell color filled with various holographic gold glitter. Three coats.

Scarlet & Grey Remix. A clear topper filled with matte grey, matte white and red metallic glitter in various sizes and shapes. This is one of my favorites out of the whole collection! The red really pops and I love the unusual use of grey matte glitter. One coat over black creme.

Mystified. A glitter topper with caramel, brown and soft lavender glitter. It looks good over lots of shades but I opted to wear it on top of a light nude shade, one coat. This shade strikes me as just really yummy looking with those delicious looking chocolate and caramel glitters.

Cranfairy. Another favorite for me. A super squishy raspberry jelly with burgundy, hot pink and fuchsia glitter. Here, I'm wearing two coats but I also needed an extra coat of topcoat to really smooth it over.

I absolutely adored every single Fall 2013 shade. A lot of fall collections get hung up on burnt, somber colors but these shades are so beautiful, they'd be gorgeous any time of the year!

Now let's look at Silenced the Lambs Halloween 2013 shades! Ok, I was so excited when I saw that this theme. I'm a huge fan of Silence of the Lambs! There are four shades in this collection.

 Good Evening Clarice. A pale jade glow in the dark, faintly holographic with this sublime iridescent green shimmer. The glow in the dark effect was really intense! I had to use my phone to try to capture it. There's something eerie about my hand posing in the dark like that. Three coats was a bit sheer- I could see the nail line- so I opted for four.

I Ate His Liver With Some Fava Beans And A Nice Chianti. Lengthy name for a beautiful polish! Green, purple and black glitter accented with a bit of holo dust. I'm wearing one coat of it here over Color Club Wicker Park.

It Rubs The Lotion On Its Skin. I literally accidentally snorted my drink when I unwrapped this polish and saw the name. Hilariously macabre, I think everyone knows that famous line! A blackened texture polish with orange and a hint of gold glitter. It actually dried really quite smooth for me, so I'm showing it here with topcoat, two coats. I think it looks pretty stunning glossy!

Have The Lambs Stopped Screaming? A clear topper with black, white, yellow, orange glitter and a bit of holo dust. A really fun mix of your Halloween colors. I'm wearing one coat of it here over LeChat Dare to Wear Violetta.

Overall, I really, really loved the Halloween Collection. The names were clever and fun, the color mixes were really beautiful. This was my first time trying Different Dimension polishes and I'm hooked! These two collections just hit an absolute home run with me.

Different Dimension Fall 2013 and Silenced the Lambs Halloween 2013 Collections will release Sept. 21st at 12pm. Click here to check out the shop and acquire these beauties for yourself! Be sure to follow @missibarry on Instagram for the latest news and updates.

Which of these shades do you like the best?

Products featured were sent to me for review. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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