Sigma Creme de Couture Palette

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
 So I must have been living under a rock because I hadn't heard of the Sigma Creme de Couture Palette until recently. For some unknown reason, I kept thinking that this palette was made up of all creme products so I didn't really have any interest. It wasn't until someone informed me that I was entirely mistaken that I found myself genuinely interested in acquiring this pretty palette.

 I googled a few swatches and next thing I knew, this sweet little thing was on its way to me. The packaging is really adorable, inspired by macarons! How sweet (literally) is that? The lid comes off completely from the palette, like a box. I'm a sucker for mattes and a lot of these shades looked absolutely incredible. That is, until I swatched them.

So the thing is, I had stumbled upon a blog where the blogger had these incredible swatches over bare skin. I was amazed, that's what made me pull the trigger. However when I actually had this palette in my hands, it didn't swatch nearly as intense. Granted a lot of these shades are softer pastel colors, but the pigmentation just wasn't there.
 Swatched very, very heavily over bare skin. I know I usually do really neat swatches that run the width of my arm but I just didn't have the heart to do it for this palette.

 It wasn't until I swatched these over both primer and NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk that the colors appeared true to pan.

 The texture of these was nice, very finely milled and smooth. None, save for Meyer Lemon, was chalky at all (and Meyer Lemon is only a bit chalky, not really too bad).

Here's a look I did with Cafe au Lait, Ginger Pumpkin, Violet Whip, Almond Pear and Creme de Menthe. They weren't bad to work with, but they definitely need primer and a creamy white base to show up.

One last thing worth noting, the pans in this palette are small. In between the size of a dime and a nickel.

So overall I'm feeling rather lukewarm about this palette. The packaging, the concept, the colors themselves... all fantastic and just really beautiful. The pigmentation of the shades leaves a lot to be desired, but at least they are all consistently mediocre (is that a plus? Not really, I suppose). I'm sort of kicking myself for letting a single blog sway my decision to buy this.

The Sigma Creme de Couture Palette is $32 and available on the Sigma website.

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