OPI Snow You Love Me

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hi folks!

I have a billion silver holo glitters but when I saw this at the nail supply yesterday, I instantly knew it'd come home with me. What makes OPI Snow You Love Me from the holiday Mariah Carey collection different?

Take a closer look at the glitter. 

 Sorry, definitely not my best macro. The base of Snow You Love Me is really cloudy so it does macros no favors, really distorting images. It's silver holographic circle glitter, with overlapping circles on the glitter! The overall effect makes the glitter look like sequins that lay perfectly flat on the nail.
 They are extra reflective and rainbow-y because of the holo circles printed on each round piece of glitter. The bad news is that the bottles settles really badly. The first picture in this post was taken after shaking the bottle for a while. After a few minutes, the glitter settles and it looks like the bottle is just half filled with base. Cloudy base at that. Insert frown face here.

I won't lie, though it makes me sad that the base is murky and the glitter is sparse, it's still incredible looking and I'm so glad to have it!

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