Mundane Mondays, Volume XIII: Vegas Wedding

Monday, December 23, 2013
Hi folks! So you might have seen on Instagram that I was married last week.

We went to Las Vegas! We wanted our wedding to be as low key and fuss free as possible. The original plan was to get marred at the courthouse in San Francisco but about a week before the day, I had the wild thought of running off to Vegas. So we did.

We stayed at Aria which was quite nice. The room had a spectacular strip view but unfortunately the reflection from the glass marred many of my photos. Definitely getting a room with a terrace next time so I can take better ones.
 Picked this chapel fairly close to the Marriage License Bureau. I was really pleased with Vegas Weddings because they took care of everything which meant it was entirely stress free. Photos are by me, the photographer and family members.

My new husband has been and always will be, I'm afraid, photo shy. 

 I wanted a fascinator with a bird cage veil, so I got a fascinator with a bird cage veil. Also I wore black. I've never been super into white wedding gowns and while I did try on countless white dresses, ultimately I preferred a black cocktail dress and black pumps. It certainly made moving around easier.

 Limo ride. It was part of the whole wedding package thing.

So Morgan and I are married now. 

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