Some Cover Girl Catching Fire Glosstinis

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hello! I took some quick macros of some of the sparkly glassfleck shades from the Cover Girl Catching Fire Collection. Too lazy to do the full finger shot, but I think this brings out the sparkle better.

Rouge Red. A tomato red with gold and red glassfleck. Three coats.

Seared Bronze. Mixture of bronze, pink and green flecks. Just stunning! Three coats.

Scalding Emerald. Brown tinted with green, gold, light blue and a hint of purple flecks. Three coats.

Violet Flicker. Purple tint with purple and blue flecks. Three coats.

Black Heat. Black base with golden bronze flecks. Two coats.

These were all really pretty but the bottles are very tiny. Only 3.5ml. The typical full sized polish is 15ml and a lot of minis from indie brands are 5ml, so 3.5 is one of the smallest sizes I've seen. It's a shame because these colors are gorgeous and some are very unique. The good thing is that there are a lot of CoverGirl coupons floating around and distribution for this collection seems to have reached every drugstore I've been to. Formulas were also good, nothing to complain about.

Did you buy any from this collection?

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