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Saturday, December 7, 2013

You should know by now that one of my favorite indie brands is Nail Pattern Boldness. Awesomely quirky polishes that are gorgeous and to top it all off, a hilarious name that honestly makes me giggle every time I see it. Now what I think REALLY makes NPB (I'm going to have to abbreviate the name or else I'll giggle to to much to write a proper review) stand apart from other brands is the other nail products offered in addition to color polishes.

Take for instance, Glitter Food. That's a whole other review on its own actually, I could go at length gushing about how much I love Glitter Food. Today we're discussing Digital Hydration and Digital Flash, a brand new base coat and top coat.

Digital Hydration is milky in color. It's a base coat that is both moisturizing and fills ridges. One of the key ingredients is Argan oil. One of the problems I have with my nails is that when they are longer, the free edges can really curl probably due to sheer amount of nail polish changes I do (it's a tough gig, but somebody has to swatch all those pretties). What I really like is that if I notice any curling, I'll apply a coat of Digital Hydration before bed and by the time I wake up, they've relaxed back into their less curved state. It has some serious moisturizing powers.

Digital Flash is a quick dry top coat. I think it's a great option for those of you who may become frustrated with the ever popular Seche Vite. I've been using this for all my "real" manicures for the last month and I'm really impressed. It dries a smidge slower than SV; a difference of about 30 seconds longer to get to the stage where the polish is touchable but still able to be dented. It takes about as much time as Sally Hansen Insta Dri and  much faster than Essie Good To Go! or Barielle Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender. I like that when you're half way through the bottle, while it does thicken a bit it is no where near as bad as Seche Vite. Good stuff.

Here's a before and after of Digital Flash, to show you what a mighty fine shine it gives manicures.



One last thing I'd like to mention is the brush. Both Digital Flash and Digital Hydration have a nice long supple brush that is really nice and long. It reaches to the very bottom of the bottle ensuring that you get every last drop. 

I definitely recommend both Digital Hydration and Digital Flash. They are both great products to add to any polish lover's manicure arsenal. 

Digital Hydration and Digital Flash are $8 each and can be purchased here, through the new Nail Pattern Boldness store

Products featured were press samples. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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