Nubar Wild West Collection

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hi folks!

Today I'm have Nubar's fall/winter collection to share with you. It's called Wild West and it is made up of shimmers, a frosty chrome and cremes with hidden shimmer. The colors are definitely reminiscent of the old Wild West; of cowboys, cattle, cacti, mesas and dusty sunsets.

 Paint Pony. A medium tan with fine red hidden shimmer.

Never Take Off The Mask. A deep maroon brown with fine gold sparkle.

Brothel. A slightly dusty red  with warm shimmer that is a bit duochrome, flashes red to orange.

Go Native. A dark burnt orange shade with the same fine red shimmer that is a bit duochrome.

Cactus. A grass green shade loaded with gold shimmer.

Texas Sky. A deep indigo blue with blue and pink shimmer.

Hi-Ho Silver. A super frosty white silver color. The brushstrokes are very visible. I think this one is pigmented enough for stamping, which might redeem it slightly in my eyes.

Spirit Walker. An off white creme with that same red shimmer. It's not really visible on the nails (and in credibly hard to see in the bottle).

The formulas were good, with the exception of Spirit Walker which was a bit streaky. I liked unusual red shimmer that was in quite a few of these shades but I really wish it was more prominent. These colors definitely represent the theme of the collection quite well. My favorite is Cactus followed by Texas Sky (which I think would look phenomenal with a color shifting pigment polish on top) and Go Native.

Nubar polishes are Big 3 free. They are available for $8 each on the Nubar website.

Products featured were press samples. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.

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