Nature Republic Natural Chamomile Cleansing Cream

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hi folks!

It's 4 AM for me and I can't sleep again so naturally it felt like the perfect time time get really jazzed about all the partially finished blog posts in my draft folder. What better time than now to finish a review? Today's product is Nature Republic Natural Chamomile Cleansing Cream. Nature Republic is a Korean brand and a branch recently opened up shop at a shopping center close to me.

Cleansing cream? Basically like a cold cream for removing makeup, but less water content (not as lotion like as say, Pond's). It comes in a hefty screw top tub that houses 10.14 fl. oz. I really am not crazy about dipping my fingers inside tubes.

It smells nice, equal parts chamomile and a sort of ubiquitous skin care scent. It feels like body butter and it breaks down makeup quite well when I spread it over my face and massage. The directions say to wipe it away, so I use my beloved Suzuran Attirer Puffs to wipe it off and then follow it with a cleanser.

To sum it up, while it is no doubt effective at removing makeup, the Chamomile Cleansing Cream itself doesn't remove all that easily. I was hoping that it would emulsify a bit to make rinsing a breeze but that was not the case. My normal gentle cleansers didn't do the trick, I had to reach for my sulfate laden ones (the ones that have all but been exiled to the skincare graveyard under my skin for being too harsh) to remove the Cleansing Cream. I had to use extra cleanser around my eye area because it was hard to remove the slick cream from between my lashes, which left my skin quite dry.

It also left a bit of an oily film in my sink which is really annoying. Why on earth would I want to scrub down my sink every time I used this? Since I no longer wanted to use this on my face, I came up with the bright idea of using it to break down foundation on my foundation brushes. This was something I've done before with cleansing oils I didn't care for, but it proved to be a terrible idea. I can't for the life of me get it off of my synthetic brushes. I've had to wash them five or so times afterwards in an attempt to rinse the oil off but to no avail. The last three washes were even with Dawn dish detergent. Brilliant, Mimi. Brilliant.

In short, I really wouldn't recommend this product. There are better products out there like a whole host of cleansing oils that are less trouble, break down makeup effectively and don't coat your sink like an oil spill. Luckily I picked this up on sale with the store opening event so it was only $6ish.

Have you tried any products from Nature Republic? I also picked up about 10 polishes which I like quite a bit.

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