butter LONDON All Hail McQueen

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
3 coats, outdoors, no flash
It's raining again out so instead of taking swatch pics of Melusine like I had planned, I'm gonna show you a nail pic from last week.
Behold- butter LONDON All Hail McQueen. A subtle nude holographic polish that I wanted for four months or so, and finally talked myself into buying off of Zappos.com (free shipping and 1 year returns, whoot) a month ago. Since then, I've worn it a handful of times already because it's just THAT pretty.
Compared to other holos, it's not as bling-y. The holo effect is quite scattered and toned down, the particle size is very small. In fact, you might just get away with wearing it in a professional setting because indoors it just looks like a glossy grainy tan while outdoors the holo effect isn't THAT noticeable unless you draw attention to it. Relatively, I mean. other holos like China Glaze Kaleidoscopes are much likely to catch your bosses' eye.
Now, I do have a few other beige holos, and here's a comparison.
2 coats of each, outdoors, no flash
Color Club Love'Em Leave'Em is more of that fine, almost matte holo and is more orange than AHM. DS Classic has more golden hues to it.

This polish lasted a pretty long time on me on its own, it was easy to apply (on the sheer side, needed 3 full coats, possibly 4) and didn't dent that easily during its wear. All butter LONDON polishes are DBP, toluene and formaldehyde free. 

What do you think of this mild(er) tan holo? Do you own All Hail McQueen or any other butter LONDON polishes?

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