Not Just Another Black Polish: LA Girl Rockstar - Rockstar

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Outdoors, 2x Rockstar over 1x Essie First Base. No flash. 
Lately I've amassed so many blackish enamels that I've decided to start a series - Not Just Another Black Polish - so that I can explain the subtle nuances (something that gives me great pleasure, I admit) to you.
Today I have a polish from the LA Girl Rockstar set, in fact the lacquer by the very same name, Rockstar.
Rockstar is a black based polish with duochrome flecks.
Awesome, right? It is! The specks aren't glitter exactly, but like micro duochrome flecks that flash from magenta to light green (and stop briefly at gold in between). But they're subtle, not something that screams "Look at ME!" but sparkly bits that wink at you in the sun and invite you to examine them further. It's really one that you should look at in person, because pictures don't let you turn the nail and be in awe of flashing flecks.
I also really like the formula, it's pigmented enough to be a two coater but also very easy to manipulate and apply to the nail. The finish is also ultra glossy, making for a very gorgeous polish all around!
I picked this polish up at Five Below and they were 3 for $5.

Product was purchased by me for my own use. 

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