Rock & Republic Fatalistic Eyeshadow

Friday, October 1, 2010
I have been searching for a pigmented black shadow for quite a while now. MAC Carbon certainly wasn't a good specimen (not really as black as I wanted) and though Jane Clubbing was nice and very black, it had sparkles. Recently, I had heard that Rock & Republic's Fatalistic shadow was great quality and ridiculously dark, so I decided to order one online to test it out.
Once again, R&R's quality of powder products did not disappoint - Fatalistic is fantastically pigmented and finely milled, and quite smooth as well. It's not as creamy feeling as some of their other shadows (say, Lawsuit or Tempting) but that's probably because it's 1) matte 2) white/ black. Have you ever noticed that good quality matte white and matte black shadows are hard to come by? It's seems to be difficult to formulate them with good pigmentation and consistency at the same time. Also, there's various types of blacks. Some are more charcoal, lighter in color while others are warmer brown blacks. Fatalistic however, is decidedly cool black.
Outdoors, no flash. Picture did turn out kind of cool toned though.
I was very pleased with this shadow, because with such a basic color like matte black, I feel the need for great quality. After all, how versatile is black eyeshadow? You can use it to deepen any color, you can use it wet or dry to line your eyes, and to even tightline on my upper lash line! With all these ways to use it, I'll be reaching for it a lot and am glad I found a high quality black!

What's your favorite black eyeshadow?

Product was purchased by me, for my own use. 

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