EcoTools One Hand Helps The Other Hand Cream + FOTD

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
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Ok, so you know the brand EcoTools (you know, the one that makes those great quality synthetic brushes sold at very reasonable prices at Target, Ulta etc) has a new line of body products? That's right, I spotted the line at Rite Aid last week when I went to go buy contact solution. I had been needing a hand cream quite badly (blow drying mannequins and using alcohol sanitizer constantly is murder on your hands) so I eagerly reached for a bottle of the One Hand Helps The Other Hand Cream.
Long name for a product, does it live up to the fancy moniker? Short answer: No, not really.
First thing I noticed was the smell. Of course! I mean, when you open up a bottle of cream and rub it all over your hands, the first thing you do is to take a deep sniff, right? Blergh, it wasn't a pleasing scent. I mean, it wasn't completely offensive like the pungent aroma of dog poop, but it just didn't fit into some of the basic categories of lotion scents. It wasn't floral nor citrus, not an edible scent like vanilla or cinnamon and it wasn't refreshing like lemongrass or cucumber. It smelled like...dandelion oil, as Mr. MakeupWithdrawal decided.
How does he know what dandelion oil smells like? No idea, just go with it.
Next, I noticed that it wasn't a super thick rich cream (which is what I had been hoping for) but instead the consistency of your average body lotion. It applied alright and absorbed rather quickly but didn't really leave my hands moisturized. In fact, about ten minutes after I apply this stuff, the moisturizing effect is pretty much completely gone and I'm left feeling like I need more hand cream.
However, it is

  • paraben free
  • phthalate free (lot of good that does me, I don't even know what phthalates are)
  • 98% from nature (what's the other 2%? Toxic liquids? I kid, I kid)
  • not tested on animals
And of course, the cost. It's about $6 at your local retailer. 
Dang, what an absurdly long review for a hand cream. I could have just said, it smells funny, $6 and doesn't work all that great and you would have gotten the gist of it. 

And now my FOTD!
So of course, I'm using my Urban Decay BOSIII again! This time, using the awesome shade named Loaded. Also, look! My friend April helped me fix my brows and now both of them arch the same amount!
Loaded is that dark green duochrome (bit of brown reflection) and I blended it out with Rock & Republic Lawsuit. 
Face: LORAC AquaPrime, MUFE HD, NARS Concealer in Custard/Ginger, Lacura pressed powder, Lacura foundation (to contour, no blush)
Eyes: UDPP, Rock & Republic Affair, Rock & Republic Lawsuit, Urban Decay Loaded, Kiss Me Heroine Make Long + Curl mascara
Brows: Maybelline Define A Brow
Lips: Revlon Rosy Nude 

So now I'm on the search for a new hand cream! 
I hoping for something with light to no scent, sanitary (no tubs, squeeze tubes please!) and relatively cheap because I need to buy several of them to keep around the house, at school, purse, etc. I really like thicker creams, not really the balm or runny lotion type gal. Recommendations would be much appreciated :)

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