Rock & Republic Sale!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Hey all! Just to let you know, one of my favorite brands is having a 50% off sale on their cosmetics with the code ROCKCOSMETICS. The quality of their products is extraordinary and being a high end brand- they usually retail for quite a bit.
However, it gets even better! There's a referral program - if I refer you, we both get $25 off any purchase over $75 (before the code). And as always, the shipping is $.99.
So here's an example:

3 eyeshadows (retail $28 each)  =  $84
$84 - 50% off = $42 
Then $42 - $25 credit = 17
And plus $.99 for shipping means that you get THREE shadows for $17.99, less than the price of one shadow at full retail, including shipping. This works on ANY cosmetics.

You need a referral to get the $25,  so if you need one - let me know! I'll need to enter your email address and that's it!

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