Urban Decay Book of Shadows UD♥NYC Review

Sunday, October 3, 2010
Pop up art
I almost passed the palette up, I really did. I knew there were going to be some crazy glitterbombs (I'm looking at you, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again) that I'd never use and I didn't know if I wanted to buy a palette and have some of the shades untouched.
Well, I guess it seemed like a good idea to order it when I was feverish, because that's what I ended up doing!
The packaging on this Book of Shadows (henceforth abbreviated by BOS) is beautifully crafted though bulky. I really do like the pop up art, and even the lights!
Cover of BOS UD♥NYC
There's 16 shadows inside, 2 24/7 liners (in Zero, a matte black and Ransom which appears to be purple with a blue sheen) and a mini Primer Potion.
Four of these shadows are OMFGlitterbombs. I mean, shadows with big chunky glitter, the kind of glitter that holds you hostage and takes you by the shoulders and shakes you violently until you acknowledge that they're ALL OVER YOUR FACE. These four are Snatch, Uzi, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again and Maui Wowie.
Then there's three more shadows with finer, more integrated glitter- Money, Kush and Bordello. By that I mean the glitter stays with the shadow. We also have eight shimmery shades; Suspect, Smog, Psychedelic Sister, Last Call, Rockstar, Haight, Radium and Loaded. Last but not least we have Persuasion, a matte.
It was rather overcast out, but I got some decent pictures:

It's kind of hard to tell from my swatches but Haight is more green than Radium. Snatch is a pink with gold sheen with gold glitter. Uzi, Snatch, Maui Wowie and Midnight Cowboy once again, are the glitterbombs. Loaded is a duochrome, with more green shimmer than bark brown.
Anyways, the quality of these shadows are great, really pigmented and easy to blend. And it's a good deal too! Even without counting the mini UDPP or 24/7 liners, it comes out to be about less than $4 per shadow.
I'm really glad that I managed to get this, I'm blow away by the array of vibrant shadows!

Did you manage to get BOSIII? Or do you have any of the previous BOS from Urban Decay?

Item was purchased by me, for my own use.

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