Bright Purple + Magenta Look Pictorial

Sunday, April 21, 2013

So I couldn't fall asleep so naturally I made a pictorial on a whim. I love bright makeup but hate doing tutorials of any sort because they are so time consuming. But when you have the whole night ahead of you... welp, enjoy.

I wanted to use Make Up For Ever #58 because last time I used it, it photographed horribly. It looked much more red than the vivid magenta it actually is. I also wanted to use it without looking like I had pink eye, so I used purple and heavy liner to

Some of the things I used include:

MUFE #58, #92 and #133 LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, La Femme Eyeliner Sealer and Calvin Klein Night Dusk (but you can replace that with black liquid liner). Yeah, sorry my MUFE palette is dirty. But that foam divider is ridiculously hard to clean once tainted with shimmer.

Start out with primed eye lid and filled in brows.

Apply NYX Milk with a clean fingertip to the lid, blend outwards with a brush.

Apply MUFE #58 to the crease.

Blend like your life depends on it. Windshield wiper motions.

Use a small brush to pat MUFE #92 on either corner of the eye, staying below the crease.

Blend the purples towards each other, staying below the crease. Smudge the purple under the lower lid as well. Pat on a bit of the shimmery pink MUFE #133 on the ball of the eye and also a soft fluffy brush to lightly sweep a bit where the magenta meets the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.

Line your eyes. I went for a bold, sharp wing. Also tightline for an intense look. Curl lashes, apply mascara. Apply false lashes if desired (eh, I didn't).


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