Ruby Wing Poppy & Sunflower Manicure, Review

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hi folks!

I was recently sent a few polishes from Ruby Wing and Color Club to review, tonight I want to show you a manicure I did with the two Ruby Wing Color Changing polishes, Poppy and Sunflower. Poppy is a bright darker hot pink creme/jelly (crelly, if you will) indoors that shifts to a dark burgundy crelly out doors. Sunflower is a lighter gold glitter indoors that changes to a slightly darker antique gold once in the sunlight.

Ruby Wing Color Changing polishes are my first UV reactive polishes. They change color when I step out into the sunlight, the effect is really dramatic (in Poppy's case, anyhow). I used Poppy as my base color, then used a makeup sponge to dab Sunflower on the tips of my nails.

Check out the whole transition!
Indoors, in my lightbox.

Right when I step into the sunlight. The color transition is quick, even here you can see the color deepening!
 After a few seconds fully immersed in light, Poppy has become a vampy dark shade.

 Here's the same manicure in the shade, outdoors. There's still a bit of sun exposure, so the polish is in between transitioning.

Here's a shot of Poppy in the bottle. You can see where the color pigment is starting to change. Nifty right?

The formulas on both Poppy and Sunflower were easy to apply, very smooth. I was taken back when I first used them because I didn't know that Ruby Wing polishes were scented. It's a sort of floral smell, violet maybe? It even smells with topcoat applied, and even after I removed it, the scent definitely lingered (even after a few hand washings). At first I didn't mind the scent, but after a while it was rather cloying and gave me a head ache. Other than that, I thought these polishes were really, really cool. I kept on trying to stick my hands in and out of shadows throughout the day just to see the color transition.

Ruby Wing polishes can be purchased at the Ruby Wing website for $10 each.

Have you tried Ruby Wing polishes yet? Did you like the UV color transition?

Products featured were sent to me for review. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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