Milani Grandissimo Lashes Mascara Review

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I picked up the new Milani Grandissimo last month because I saw how awesome it looked on Christina from Let Them Have Polish. I have to admit that I don't really like doing mascara reviews because I find my experience with mascara to always be completely different from that of others. It all just really depends on what lashes you have. My lashes are really straight, quite short and scary sparse so usually I don't put much faith in mascara and opt to reach for false lashes instead.

But how does Milani Grandissimo fair?

Left side, with two coats of Grandissimo. Right side is without mascara. 

The soft brush is really quite large, which I like because I find it to coat each lash quite well. The volumizing effect was pretty decent. The formula was ok, no clumping. Usually mascara doesn't really smudge or flake on me (I think I just don't have enough lashes for enough mascara to end up anywhere on my lower lashes. *sigh*) so I can't comment on that. It was pretty easy to remove though, it came right off with oil cleanser and warm water, so I was pleased with that.

The price is rather agreeable as well, $5.49. Definitely on the more affordable end of mascaras, even at the drugstore.

Overall, I think if you already have lots of lashes, this will make them look even more amazing. I however, will stick to my false lashes instead because this mascara can't compensate for my lack of lashes.

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