Nail Pattern Boldness Inner Beauty is For Amateurs

Friday, April 26, 2013
Let me tell you what happens when you get mail from Allison of Nail Pattern Boldness. You run back to your houses, clutching the package to your chest. You cut across the grass instead of sticking to the sidewalk in your extreme haste. You leap leap over the neighbor's cat (ok, not really... I stopped to pet the little guy) and barrel through your door. You skid to a halt in front of the drawer which houses your scissors. You squeal a bit when you see the magical contents.

And then you apply Inner Beauty is For Amateurs. It's a superbly pigmented primary red jelly with pale blue opalescent glitter and (what I think is) fine gold holo sparkle. You apply two coats, possibly three depending on your preference. You then admire your nails for hours upon hours.

Seriously, how gorgeous is this polish? The red is so bold, so squishy looking. I don't wear red nails often but this is so alluring. I bet if the Sirens wore nail polish while trying to lure sailors to their deaths, it'd be Inner Beauty is For Amateurs. The glitter is also much more evident in person. It looks like a soft twinkle in my photos, but it just glows like crazy. The formula applies like the polish is gel, you may want to add a few drops of thinner like I did to make it flow a bit more easily. 

Inner Beauty is For Amateurs is $9 and can be purchased through the NPB Etsy shop (here) or Llarowe. Be sure to follow Nail Pattern Boldness on Facebook and Instagram (@nailpatternboldness). 

What is your favorite red polish?

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