Mundane Mondays, Vol. VII: SactoMoFo 6

Monday, April 29, 2013

My life revolves around food. I love cooking, smelling, photographing, looking at and most importantly, consuming it. This weekend was SactoMoFo 6 (doesn't that sound dirty, like the sixth volume of an adult video series?), a gathering of Sacramento and Northern California food truck vendors. There were over two dozen food trucks there, along with other vendors and live music.

There were SO many people there, I wasn't expecting it. Hundreds, possibly a few thousand, coming and going. The trucks had your more traditional street food; hot dogs, burgers, ice cream... but they also had more interesting food like Indian fusion, Korean etc. Since I had Indian food the night before, I had my eye on one food truck in particular, The Chairman Truck.

The Chairman Truck (which is actually two trucks, one stays in SF and the other travels... I believe!) is Leading The Great Culinary Leap Forward (hah, courtesy of The Chairman Truck website). This sounds crazy, but the line for The Chairman Truck was a few hundred people long when I joined. I waited for an hour and a half to try the food. I may be a glutton, but I'm a glutton with perseverance, ok?

Also Morgan was nice enough to bring me a mango shaved ice (that sadly, did not taste like mangos). Nomming on that definitely helped pass the time.

I ended up getting the tender pork belly with turmeric pickled daikon & green shiso on a baked bun which was fantastic. A little fatty (but you know, it's pork belly. Can't be helped) but the pickled daikon made it especially delicious. I also had Coca Cola braised pork with savoy cabbage and preserved yellow mustard seeds on a steamed bun, which was just ok. I don't think it was worthy of waiting in hour and a half in line though, I'd maybe wait 30 min tops.

Morgan went to Krush Burger, which we had heard was also good. To be honest, after stealing bites of his food, I didn't think the little sliders were worthy of his hour long wait (each one was $3.25, specialty burgers were $1 or $2 more) but the Philly burger (Certified Angus Beef, Grilled Crimini Mushrooms, Grilled Onions, Aged Provolone Cheese + Roasted Red Pepper Aioli) was pretty good. Krush Burger does have a fantastic ratings on Yelp though.

I don't know if I'd ever go to SactoMoFo again. The lines were just too long. The picture above if of 1/3 of the line for The Chairman. I think I would much rather take individual trips trying to track down food trucks that sounded appealing than stand around with the crowds and the exceptionally loud (and annoying to my ears) music.

Ever been to a food truck? I swear, the ones these days are getting better, they're not all shady guys selling hot dogs out of a van!

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