Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in LE Seashore Frosts

Friday, April 19, 2013

I realized today that I may have never blogged about a single piece of Mayebelline makeup. I've never been partial to the brand (though one polish may have came home with me at some point). But when I saw Seashore Frosts 24hr Color Tattoo, I knew  I had to have it. I think this limited edition shade is causing a bit of frenzy. I mean, it's kind of awesome. A blue, the color of worn pale bleached denim with a beautiful coppery-bronze-gold patina. It's really complex, at some angles I swear I see pink too.

Left is two layers, right is one layer over black. You can really see the bronzey-copper sparkle. If there is one piece of makeup I'm not found of, it is cream shadows (lipstick in pencil form and anything in a click pen wand are others). Buying this Color Tattoo is a bit of a fluke and I'm afraid this 24hr Color Tattoo is confirming my suspicions. The texture is smooth and very creamy, and I think it looks wonderful on my arm, it looks less wonderful on my lids.

I have a slightly hooded crease that gets a lot of friction action. This photo was taken 10 minutes after I applied a thin layer over primer using a soft, synthetic brush. For the first four minutes, I closed my eyes lightly so that it could dry, but opened them after being bored trying to read the news through squinting eyes. Even after 10 minutes, slight creasing is beginning. Within an hour, it starts to look patchy.

I've only owned this for a few days so I'm not ready to declare my final verdict. So far things aren't look great though. I have a hard time applying enough that you are able to see the color, I face immediate creasing and patchiness. I've tried thin layers, thick layers, single thin layer, over primer, no primer, over a black base, with a sponge, with a brush, with my finger...etc. I'm only able to get this thin wash of color, so it is slightly disappointing.

For all you Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo lovers out there, what are your favorite tips for a great looking application? I hope anyone searching for this shade has better luck with it than I do!

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