New Target Displays, Pt 2 (And Other Loose Ends)

Monday, March 22, 2010
What awful weather today! I woke up expecting another day like yesterday- sunny, cloudless, amazing but instead it's drizzling out. I thought I'd go back and finish talking about those new displays that I saw at Target. Here's Part 1 if you missed it. 
If you asked me to be frank, I would have to say that Pixi is very hit or miss. That Pixi Eye Bright Kit? Loved it. The Lumi Lux eye shadow palette (that palette with 20 shadows, that looked like a clutch)? Hated it. The Bronze Bombshell Set? Liked the blush, hated everything else. But a few new things caught my eye- new eyeliner pencils, new Lumi Lux palette and a interesting looking bronzer. 

First the liners- I love the new Endless Silky Eye Pens. The name is accurate, they're really smooth and long lasting. They come in interesting shades, I particularly like Black Blue and Black Tulip. They kind of give off a retro feel, interesting shades that you just don't see that often. I really wated True Teal too, because it's just so... bold! Oh, the color payoff is fantastic- vibrancy that made me want to buy them all. Here, I even swatched them all for you- 
I love the consistency. They're almost too creamy- too much pressure and you get chunks that break off as you draw. The swatch on my wrist lasted all day, and I could still see it after my shower . At $14 each, I think they are a better buy than Urban Decay 24/7s but still feel like they are out of place and price range for the average Target consumer. I can't wait to splurge on a few the next time I have some extra cash. 
There appeared to be a new Lumi Lux eye shadow palette, this one with warmer colors- russet, copper, warm nudes etc. I'm sorry I don't have a picture, but the pigmentation is just awful, as bad as the first one. I was really underwhelmed by how dull the colors looked when I swatched them. So not worth the $30.
Ooh! Isn't the finish on that blush case look really nice? I think the Lumi Lux Bronze palette is completely misnamed because when I swatched it on my finger tips, none of the three shades (or even swirled together) looked anything like bronzer. It was various shimmery pink shades. I think you get a lot of product, but for $25, if you're into the shimmer bombed look why not get two Hard Candy bronzers ($9 each) and a blush too ($7 each), instead? It'd be the same price. 
I also saw that Pixi had a crazy amount of eyeshadow palettes out, but I'm really not a fan of the pigmentation. I also noticed that a lot of the eyeshadow shades were repeated throughout the collection.
I don't think Jemma Kidd for Target had anything new out (to be honest, my powers of observations are sometimes lacking, I may have overlooked it, sorry).
NP Set had two new big boxed palettes out, and some smaller eyeshadow sets out, but unfortunately I wasn't able to play with them. 
On an unrelated note- I did finally get my hands on those two Wet'n'Wild singles I was missing- Nutty and Lagoon. Here's the finished collection of swatches: Wet'n'Wild Color Icon Singles.
Because it's so terrible outside, there's a good chance I'll be bored and posting again really soon. You know what did make my day though? I saw a pair of ducks swimming in my pool this morning! :D

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