Etude House Duo Fibre Cheek Brush

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
I love skunks. Ever since I discovered how useful they are, I started collecting them avidly (ok, not exactly a successful endeavor, I only have three). The latest addition to the brush family is another Etude House brush. The lovely Cathy from Korea Makeup Land CP'd it for me the last time she was in Korea. I was so excited to get her package and when I opened it and found that she had included an extra mask (thanks Cathy!). 
Remember my rave about the Eye Contour Brush? (If not, read it here)  I hoped that this brush would be of equal quality. 
Mmm, not quite. The fibers are amazingly soft (softest brush I own, hands down). Each hair is really fine, and when I use it to stipple my foundation, I get a perfect finish- it looked so natural and uncakey. However, I found that the brush bleeds a little during washing. Also, the handle of this brush is the same length as the eye shadow brush. Now, don't get me wrong- I thought that length was perfect for eye work but for my face brushes I prefer something that's a little bit more substantial, so it's easier to grasp. I did appreciate how evenly spaced all the white fibers were and how dense the brush head was (gave me an amazing flush with cream blush). Oh yeah, this brush is made of goat hair and synthetic fibers. 
Remember how I emailed Etude House USA about the hair in their brushes? They got back to me really quickly and this was their reply:


Thank you for your inquiry!

Unfortunately we do not have the information you requested, since we
are not involved in the production of any Etude House products.  You
may want to try contacting Etude Global at to see if they can answer your specific

For our customers who are sensitive to using brushes made with animal
hair but would still like to use Etude House brushes, we have several
brushes that use synthetic hair instead of animal hair.  These brushes
are: Foundation Brush, Concealer & Eye Liner Brush, and Oblique Line
Brush.  The last two we have just received, and will be made available
on our website shortly.  Although it would be easier to have all Etude
House brushes be made with synthetic hair, depending on the purpose of
the brush sometimes it is best to use animal hair for a particular
type of brush.

We are sorry we could not give you answers to your specific questions!
 If you have any additional questions, please let us know and we will
do our best to help!


Etude House USA Staff

In short though highly responsive, they weren't exactly knowledgeable about their products. Still, it's a pretty decent brush and priced accordingly.

So, what do you think? Pretty cute brush eh?

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  1. OOo that IS a pretty cute brush! how exactly do you use this for eye makeup? i'm pretty much a noob when it comes to makeup brushes!

    i see on the side you have the nars cactus flower blush on your wishlist! i saw it on ahanhbarbie i think? and really wanted it as well >=[


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