Scarlet Lipstick (A Love Story)

Saturday, May 8, 2010
There is nothing more classic than red lipstick. I'm utterly convinced that there is a perfect red out there for every one, a shade that will instantly take any dull, lifeless look and add instant glamour, sex appeal and panache. The trick is finding that shade (and the application). 
Here's a few of my favorite reds (a few of you mentioned that you'd like to see lip swatches, and I deliver!). 

Ulta Vegas, Baby is a beautiful pomegranate red. 
NP Set in Madrid is a darker, blue based red. Hint of fuchsia, perhaps?
NYX Round lipstick in Eros is my favorite- poppy red with a hint of shimmer. 
NYX Black Label lipstick in Hebe is a shimmery wine red. 
Rimmel Red Hot is a perfectly balanced true red.
Maybelline Red revival is a cooler, blue red.
Sally Hansen Matte&Moist Charmeuse is a liquid lipstick, a cool deep red. 

So what's your favorite red? 

All products shown were purchased by me, for my own use


  1. OOoo i don't own a red lipstick yet but the red-est colour i have is my benetint lip gloss :p

  2. Hebe is the ONLY RED that will work on me.

    And even so, I never wear it outdoors - too scared.

  3. @Jenny
    Benetint is pretty, but haven't you been curious to see what a bold red would look like? :)
    I ordered Hebe expecting to like it, but it's too dark and shimmery to suit me :( I'd love to see an FOTD with you & Hebe!


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