Review: Seche Base- Ridge Filling Base Coat

Tuesday, September 7, 2010
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Ok, let's rewind real quick. So far I've reviewed the Seche Vite Top Coat and the Seche Clear Base Coat. I really loved the former, was meh about the latter and now- I can finally talk about how I hate Seche Base.
I picked this up at CVS when they were having their beauty sale because it had a 50% off sticker on it. I figured, $3 and change wasn't to bad at all for something that would provide me an even nail surface.
Boy was I wrong! First off, it adds about 40 minutes to my manicure because even the thinnest layer of this milky fluid takes about five minutes to dry by itself. It also makes each consequent layer of polish take about 10 minutes to dry. This irritates me greatly, as the painting my nails is to make myself happy by using pretty colors and designs to adorn my nails, not to be a trial of patience.
There's no real way to by pass this extra time because if I don't let each layer dry completely, it remains in that soft, easily dented, smudgy wet stage- even with a fast dry top coat like Seche Vite (actually, especially with a fast dry top coat, I feel like the wet layers get trapped underneath).
Now, back to the name itself. 'Ridge Filling Base Coat' kind of implies that it has ridge filling properties, no? Er, I didn't experience any ridge filling, what so ever. No, in fact- a clear $.99 Essence polish made for a better nail smoothing coat than this did. Kinda outrageous, right?
The only think I liked about this base coat at all was the slight pearly shimmer in it. But considering that it's a base coat, it means almost absolutely nothing.
So, save your money. Get something better, there's way better base coats out there, this isn't worth the discounted $3.50 I paid for it. (at some point I'll review my SpaRitual and Essie base coats).
What do you think?

Product was purchased by me, for my own use.

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