Blue Cross Cuticle Remover Review

Monday, September 12, 2011
Good evening, readers!

About two months ago, I managed to lose my beloved bottle of Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. Ah, it was a terrible time, my cuticles looked wretched and so I wandered into CosmoProf looking for a replacement (this is the part where I kick myself for not sticking to things I love, it doesn't always work out for me!). I picked up a bottle (huge, huge 32 oz bottle) for about $7.
I knew that it was a favorite cuticle remover among many nail enthusiasts and used widely by nail techs at salons all across the U.S.
It definitely works... but with a caveat.

The formula is very thin, the color and consistency of milk. It's annoying to manipulate since I've been used to the gel type of remover. I ended up pouring a little into a sauce dish (my mother was not pleased with me stealing one of her dishes and re-appropriating for manicure use, let me tell you) and used a q-tip to saturate my cuticles (after I had removed my polish, shaped my nails and most importantly given my hands a good soak. The soaking is vital!). It dried quite quickly so I kept having to reapply as I went along with an orangewood stick and pushed my cuticles back.  Afterwards I washed my hands well to make sure that I had removed all traces of the remover.

I was quite pleased with how softened my dead skin was, and how Blue Cross allowed me to work the cuticles to satisfactory condition, but at the same time it wasn't better than my Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover.  I just prefer gel removers- easier for me to use, no hassle of having a little dish or q-tips.
It's a great value, this bottle will definitely last me months, if not years. /sigh. I'm not sure that's a good thing, I want to go back to Sally!

Have you used Blue Cross before? Or do you prefer another cuticle remover?

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