Green (Eggs and) Spam

Saturday, March 24, 2012
I promise I'll be done tallying all the entries to the China Glaze Giveaway by tomorrow. There were so many!
One of the things that people commented on was that they'd love to see spam... so here's some green spam for you!
Note: I took these with the new camera and on my screen the background looks greenish. No idea why, working on fixing it! However, the color of the polish itself is accurate.

American Apparel Army Jacket. Light pea green creme.

Color Club Magic Elf, from a holiday set from a few years ago. Green base, with bluish tint with amazing gold shimmer. It's so bright, it almost looks like a foil. 

Zoya Shawn. An amazing green creme. One of my favorite Zoya shades ever.

Sinful Colors Call You Later over Zoya Shawn. Three coats, top coat hungry.

Orly Lucky Duck. Green creme with a tinge of blue.

Savvy Garland. One of those glowy shimmers. 

NYX Las Vegas. A green jelly with green flecks. It's so pretty, a close version to China Glaze's Emerald Sparkle. 

A shade from a Funky Fingers set. I own nothing else like this. It's a spring green/yellow-gold shimmer. So pretty!

Another all-time Zoya favorite, Veruschka. Looks amazing with a shiny top coat too.

Essie Pretty Edgy. Funny thing is, this IS edgy for Essie. But to me it's a very fun, happy color. 

Sally Hansen Jumpin' Jade. An impulse buy, I thought it might be great for stamping but have yet to test it out for that purpose. 

OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow. A classic, almost black-green. It looks like a creme, but if you do one coat and study it closely you'll see that it's made out of small irregular particles that look like dull flecks. Odd! 

Last but not least, the two cute males in my life.

One of these two is my favorite, but which one?

Whew! I have so many greens in my collection. I could easily do a part two or even three!

Bleh. I am not happy with these pictures. 

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