Tutorial: Sprinkled Nails

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I had a few requests to explain how I did the nails in this post, Gold Dust on Blue. It's really easy, and I think it's a great wait to spice up a basic manicure, even if you say you're bad at stamping, nail art, have shaky hands, etc.

You'll need:

-Your base coat, top coat and nail polish color of choice.
-A straw, orange stick, etc (something thin that can pick up a bit of powder).
-A paper towel or surface you can easily clean.
-Optional: clear polish
-Loose powder, as many shades as you want. Now, this can be colored mica that you get from places like Coastal Scents or TKB Trading, or even loose eye shadows and pigments. The only thing about shadows is that sometimes I've found a few that sort of change color once you put a top coat on, so you might want to test it out on one nail before doing a full manicure.
In this tutorial, I'm using Apple and Blueberry Pop from TKB Trading (not sure if it is available any more) and Revlon Black Lingerie, as well as a simple birch wood stick and a clear polish.

Paint your nails with your base coat, and the first coats of color (if it's a two coater, do one and if it's a three coat color, do two).

Working one nail at a time, paint your nails with the colored polish. Immediately, take your stick and scoop out a bit of your powder and shake it above your nail. You can blow the powder lightly to create a fine dusting of powder, or drop larger clumps for bigger dust splatters on the nail. It's up to you.

It can get a bit messy, which is why I suggest putting down the paper towel first. Complete the other nine nails and wait about a minute for the polish to dry a bit (you don't have to wait for them to dry completely, once they become some what tacky in texture, miscellaneous powder won't easily stick to it by accident). Now, rinse your nails with water taking care to not bump your polish. The water just rinses off your excess powder so that you can apply top coat without picking up the powder back into your bottle of top coat.

At this point, if you only want one color of dust, you can stop here. Wait for the water to dry off your nails completely and then add top coat. If you'd like to add another color, simply repeat the first few steps using a clear polish to adhere the powder instead of your colored polish. Here, I repeated the process with the green mica.

Final result:

See? Wasn't that easy?
I like how I will get different results every time. Also, as someone who has a lot of loose eye shadows that I will probably never use up, it gives me endless options to use those lovely colors.

Hope someone finds this tutorial useful! If you try out this technique, I would love to see the result!

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  1. I think its awesome. I'm going through my loose eyeshadows and doing this tonight!


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