All My Rock & Republic Shadows- Swatches

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I've been shopping my stash hard, trying to curb the urge to buy new makeup (I fear I might fail, the new L'oreal Infalliables look really amazing!) when I realized that though I've had my Rock & Republic shadows for quite a while and have shown you guys some swatches, I never put them all into one post.

Let's just dive in, shall we? I have 18 total. Karla Sugar has a complete swatch gallery, which was very helpful to me when I bought these babies, I had never seen them in person before.

Ambition, a very unique shadow. It is incredibly pigmented shimmer and flashes between ivory and pale yellow gold.
Jaded is exactly as the name implies, a highly shimmery jade green.
Brink is a cornflower blue shimmer mixed with fine pale yellow gold shimmer (like the kind in Ambition).
Paranoid is a matte almost neon looking magenta with very fine blue sparkle (pretty much invisible when applied, just barely catches the light).

Veil is a matte bone color, with a tinge of beige.
Ciggy is also pale, but with a tinge of ash and lilac.
Chain Link is this absolutely stunning soft dove grey shimmer.
Spy is a matte tan, with barely visible silver sparkle (like Paranoid).
Affair is a high shimmer light warm beige.

Fade is a pale satin lavender, with a hint of green shimmer.
Tempting is a desaturated purple-y grey shimmer.
Snakeskin is one of those colors that no description would ever do it justice. Satin medium brown yes, but with incredibly fine golden brown shimmer.
Lawsuit is a warm brown/green duochrome. It looks really green in the pan and really brown on my arm, but in person it is in between the two.
Fatalistic is the blackest BLACK matte black that I've had the pleasure of using thus far.

Envy is a rich, shimmery evergreen.
Chronic is an absurdly attractive olive shimmer.
Exile is a cross between bronze and butterscotch, high shimmer.
Fuel is a goldenrod yellow shimmer.

I find the quality of Rock & Republic shadows to be quite great. They're definitely some of the best shadows that I own. The mattes are finely milled, the shimmer finishes have great pay off and they make some really interesting colors that you just don't see everyday. I like that they're risky like that, a lot of high end makeup tend to stay with "safe" colors.

The sad part is that Rock and Republic went under. Well, sort of. The brand is now sold at Kohl's (as a more budget friendly brand than the previous luxe wear) and no longer has cosmetics. This was devastating to me because they were hands down, my favorite brand of makeup. I loved every thing I tried from R&R- their pressed powder, their blush, their lip gloss... everything. Also, look at that packaging! Each product is encased in sturdy, reflective case with a detailed emblem on the front. It's so very satisfying, visually. For the price point, I found R&R to surpass other high end cosmetics. This was truly a fantastic makeup line and I wish that it could have succeeded.

Rock & Republic eye shadows were originally $28 each. 

Did you ever get your hands on any Rock & Republic products before they disappeared for good? 

Products featured were purchased by me, for my own use. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.

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