Saran Wrap Nails & Tales of A Broken Teapot

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My mom had this teapot. A few days ago, I took a snapshot of it because I thought that the glaze on it was really interesting, sort of marbled. I wanted to try to duplicate the look on my nails with Saran Wrap.

It was my first time using this Saran Wrap technique that I found at Nailed It. I used my COAT Lily Pad (that brand of polishes sold at Coastal Scents that I picked up during Black Friday sales for $2) and a white franken.

Notice how I said my mom HAD this teapot, past tense? The day after I took that picture above, I broke it by accident.


What have you broken lately? Come on, spill! It'll make me feel less clumsy.

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