Nails of the Day: A Vision of Red Prints

Sunday, December 14, 2014
 So because I help international friends make purchases through Sephora, I ended up hitting Rouge again. Yep, despite my best intentions to shop elsewhere. For renewing Rouge status for another year, there was a free Sephora Formula X polish in an "exclusive" color. It's called X(Heart)Rouge.

That color is red. Red creme. Opaque, leaning a bit warm.

How exciting.

I used it to stamp over Chrome Girl Nails Between The Sheets, a white creme. Used Winstonia W111, W113 as well as my new plate from eBay. They're basically knockoff of large scene Moyou plates, but for under $2, I can deal with it.

I phoned it in on the clean up job, guys.

Have a great weekend!

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