Perfume Diary: Tom Ford Oud Wood Eau de Parfum

Monday, December 29, 2014

I have not written a fragrance review in quite some time, mainly because I've been preoccupied for the same scent for the last few months. My friend Trisha gave me a small decant of Tom Ford Oud Wood, from the Private Blend collection and I'm enjoying each wear more and more.

It was in mid May that I first tried out Oud Wood. Around that time, Sacramento's temperatures were already starting to heat up quite a bit and my initial impression was not exactly favorable. I spent the day shopping for dresses with a friend and the heat made each note jump from the fragrance. I felt like I was a olfactory gong, and waves of perfume were resonating uncontrollably from my body. The oud smelled dirty and almost foul. The projection was so loud, I felt that surely everyone around me would be stifled by Oud Wood. Yet I could recognize that under different circumstances, I might very much enjoy this scent.

In November, that decant from my friend arrived and sweater weather proved to be the perfect backdrop for Oud Wood. It doesn't snow here, so the closest thing we have to winter are cold drizzly days filled with fog. This time around, Oud Wood couldn't have been more glorious. It enveloped me like a thickly knit scarf, a scent that was both cozy and intimate.  The oud note shines throughout the scent arc but the supporting roles are played by vanilla, sandalwood, and Brazilian rosewood. As I went on a brisk morning walk, the spicy cardamon and tonka bean added a liveliness to the crisp air and the sultry hints of amber brought warmth even though my surroundings were damp.

While I'm still not a firm believer in seasonal scents, my experience with Oud Wood was a reminder that fragrance is a multifacted experience, one in which environmental factors must be considered.

Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood Eau de Parfum is $215 for 1.7 fl. oz.

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